Jessica is the daughter of James Bond and Heavenly Melons, or at least the actors behind those much loved roles. She’s fed up of everyone treating her differently because of who her parents are and decides to jump on a plane to London and create a new identity for herself.

Jemma’s writing is amusing and I even managed a chuckle out loud in places. I did much prefer the story of Jessica’s parents than the central plot. We barely stop to think that A-listers are often parents too and, whilst some things are easier for them than the average Joe, in many ways they are just the same as you and me.

Written in third person, the narrative seems to jump perspective quite a lot. When there’s a conversation between love interests, I don’t really want to know the thoughts behind both sides at that moment in time. It takes all the mystery out of it and makes it a bit predictable. I think I would have preferred the viewpoints to be more distinguished.

The story also attempts to deal with a more serious subject, that of post-natal depression. However it’s not brought up in the first half of the book and therefore seems a little out of place after all the frivolity. The first half concentrates more on an American’s view of the British, Jessica trying to be normal and making friends/boyfriends. At 472 pages, it’s longer than I personally like in a chick-lit read but some people like to get plenty of pages for their money!

Definitely a fun read if you want something easy-going this summer. From London With Love is currently published by Penguin in paperback and ebook formats. Thanks go to Jemma for sending me a copy to review.