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Month: October 2014

Young Adult

Boy’s Don’t Knit

Ben’s on probation. It’s all because his friends wanted to steal booze from Waitrose and he was the look-out. But it all went horribly wrong and an incident with a lollypop lady, a stolen bottle of Martini Rosso and a…


#Readathon Hour 19

Local time: 07:30 Hours spent reading: 15 Pages read: 736 Books finished: 2 Feeling: Groggy Good morning! I actually just typed “readathong” in the title for this post. I think I need coffee. I finished The Mime Order around 3am…


#Readathon Hour 13

Local time: 01:00 Hours spent reading: 12 Pages read: 624 Books finished: 1 Feeling: Tired Half way! I’ve topped up on the caffeine and eaten a scone. It’s past my bedtime now so starting to flag a little and it’s…


#Readathon Hour 8

Local time: 20:00 Hours spent reading: 7 Pages read: 382 Books finished: 1 Feeling: Better It’s dark here now. I’ve run round and shut the curtains and had spicy Thai soup for dindins. Am really getting into The Mime Order…