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Month: June 2015

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday There were a few books I just had to buy this month and I had some very exciting review copies come in too, including sequels to Smiler’s Fair and Apocalypse Cow and new novels from Sarah Winman…


Quickie Review Time

It’s holiday season, so that means I’ve been reading books without the aim of having a lot to say about them. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to share a few thoughts though. There’s a tiny chance some of this…

Non-Fiction, Young Adult

Being a Girl

Being a Girl is a great book for teens who feel their PSHE is lacking in certain areas or just want an honest opinion on whether it’s OK not to shave. It preaches kindness and anti-douchebaggery whilst being amusing and…

Science Fiction

The Water Knife

Meteorologists all talked as if there could be records – and record-breakers – as if there were some pattern they could discern. Weather anchors used the word drought, but drought implied that drought could end; it was a passing event,…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I’m back! I bought a bunch of ebooks to take on holiday but actually didn’t spend much time reading after all. However I did read The Water Knife, very topical especially as I was in a state…


Reader for Hire

Marie-Constance has a wonderful voice and a love of reading. One day a friend suggest to her that she should offer a service reading to people in their homes. So she places an ad in the local paper and waits…