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Month: June 2011


Bienvenue à Juillet!

I reckon it’s now July somewhere in the world so I welcome you to a month of French themed posts (before you run away there will be some regular posting in between). Paris in July 2011 is hosted by Karen and Tamara and it’s not…


Titus Groan

So, I have reached then end of book one of the Gormenghast trilogy and it has been overall an enjoyable experience. As I’ve previously mentioned, the prose is extremely descriptive and may not be to everyone’s tastes. Certainly, if you’re not used to reading literary…

List, Top Ten

Top Ten Bookish Sites

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) is for bookish websites and organisations (not including blogs). My list has a distinctly British feel to it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t visit them too! #1 ReadItSwapIt: I doubt I would…

Historical Fiction

Year of Wonders

Based on historical events, Year of Wonders is the story of a small village in Derbyshire that quarantined itself when plague struck in 1665 to prevent the disease spreading to neighbouring villages. For the time, the decision to quarantine the village was unique and courageous….



Something a little bit different today, I’ve been playing a computer game! A colleague recommended Machinarium to me after I’d shown him The Art of Alice. It’s a simple point and click, Flash based puzzle game which means it will run on the most basic…

Crime Fiction

Bad Wolf

When a body is found eaten by a pack of feral dogs, homicide detectives Gallagher and Mendes find themselves on the trail of a man who believes he is a werewolf. Is he just insane? Or could there be some truth to his crazed ramblings?…

5 Star, Young Adult

A Monster Calls

Get the hankies ready because A Monster Calls is a powerfully emotional read. It intelligently deals with grief in a way that will appeal to adults and children alike and I would hope it has the power to help children in a similar situation to…


Pre-Loved Giveaway

Me and Mr Darcy is a light read from Alexandra Potter. It’s received quite mixed reviews but it’s enjoyable if you don’t expect great things from it. Books with a Pride & Prejudice connection seem to be quite popular right now too! This book has…