I reckon it’s now July somewhere in the world so I welcome you to a month of French themed posts (before you run away there will be some regular posting in between). Paris in July 2011 is hosted by Karen and Tamara and it’s not too late to join in; all you need to do is read/watch/eat/wear/experience something French and blog about it.

If you need ideas for books, here’s what I’ll be reading (a big thanks to Gallic Books, Quercus and Bitter Lemon Press for providing me with review copies and I’ll be blogging more about publishers of translated fiction during July).

I also have a couple of non-translated books set in France in case I run out! Paris Immortal by S. Roit is a urban fantasy novel and A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle is a bit of classic travel writing.

Whilst I adore Amelie, I really wanted to watch some new French films this month. As always, my wonderful Twitter followers provided a wealth of suggestions; Apres Vous, Priceless, A Very Long Engagement, Tell No One, La Vie En Rose and With a Friend Like Harry (or “Harry He’s Here to Help”).

I did consider a day trip to Cherbourg on the ferry but there’s not much to do there and hard to get around without a car and not knowing much French. I do have some photographer’s lined up (both serious and light-hearted) and will welcome guest posts from anyone wishing to write about France (or its food).

I think I have followed all the English language bloggers taking part, do shout if you think I’ve missed you. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people blog about!