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Month: July 2019

Historical Fiction


Trinity was the code name of the US project to create a weapon to end all wars, the atomic bomb. Behind that invention was a man who had to come to terms with what he had created, J. Robert Oppenheimer….

5 Star, Crime Fiction


When Sadie’s little sister is murdered and the investigation goes nowhere, she sets off to bring the killer to justice. Some months after, a journalist picks up the story of a missing girl and her murdered sister. Can he piece…

New Releases

On My Radar: August

Sometimes I think I spend more time looking for books to read than I do actually reading. Ah the perils of being a book blogger. Here is another month’s worth of tantalising new releases for you to add to your…


The Binding

Emmett is recovering from an illness when his parents receive the summons; he is to train as a binder. Those who wish to forget can have their memories bound in books. The Binding wasn’t really what I expected but I…

Young Adult

The Paper & Hearts Society

When Tabby moves to Dorset, she hopes to leave her old life behind. Her nan encourages her to make new friends, but she’s perfectly fine by herself. At least she has her books. Blogger Lucy Powrie‘s debut novel is adorable….