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Category: New Releases

New Releases

On My Radar: March

I’m just about keeping up with my pre-orders but March is just around the corner and look at all these books coming out next month. It’s looking like a good month for Popsugar’s “oxymoron in the title” prompt too. 🀣 I’ve got Klara and the…

New Releases

On My Radar: February

For the shortest month of the year, there sure are a lot of new books I want to read. Becky Chambers’ final Wayfarers book, the next of James Smythe’s Anomaly Quartet and a new Rockton book are all on my pre-order list, along with The…

New Releases

On My Radar: January

New year, new books! Of course, I still have piles of books still to read from 2020, and 2019, and… yeah you get the picture, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about adding to those piles! Dates are for UK print publication unless otherwise…

New Releases

On My Radar: November

You’re gonna need a lot of books to get through winter, right? Well here are a whole bunch more to add to your TBRs to keep you going! Please do consider supporting an independent book shop this present buying season. Many will post books out…

New Releases

On My Radar: October

October seems to bring with it even more fabulous books than September did. I hope you’re ready! We might actually see the third book in the Hollow Gods series at long last! I need to go recap the previous books, but I am excited to…

New Releases

On My Radar: August

Hi guys! I’ve been away from my blog so long that the Blogger UI has changed! I miss doing my round ups of forthcoming books so I thought this would be an easy way to try and get back into the groove. Publication dates have…