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Category: New Releases

New Releases

On My Radar: June

It’s time for another helping of new book releases. Although, it’s hard to be peppy about books when the world is in such a state. May we read about better, or at least fixable, worlds within their pages. Places where…

Text: New Books On My Radar May 2024
New Releases

On My Radar: May

Don’t have enough to read already? Can’t help but loading up your TBR to insurmountable heights? Well fear not, here’s another round of forthcoming books on my radar. Anyone else want to cook Stardew recipes for real? As always, dates…

Text: New books on my radar April 2024
New Releases

On My Radar: April

Another month, another batch of new books to peruse! I’m most looking forward to getting my grabby hands on Someone You Can Build a Nest In and The Familiar,ย but everything here I’d read if I had infinite time. As always,…

New Releases

On My Radar: March

Another month, another helping of new releases! I’ve been trying to cut back on pre-orders, so out of these I have ordered Floating Hotel, Where Sleeping Girls Lie, and The Last Murder at the End of the World, but there…

Text: New Books On My Radar January 2024
New Releases

On My Radar: January

Happy new year! And you all know a new year brings a whole new cycle of exciting book releases. I’ve read The Invocations and Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands already, so keep an eye out for my reviews of…

New Books on my Radar October 2023
New Releases

On My Radar: October

October’s publishing schedule definitely has hints of Halloween to it with a few Christmas titles sneaking their way in. Some even manage to combine horror and festivies! There are still a few non-seasonal books coming out, and plenty I’d want…

On My Radar: September
New Releases

On My Radar: September

Witchy romance with purple covers seems to be a big theme of 2023, don’t they? I guess we’re gearing up for Halloween already. Time is just whooshing by this year, so without further ado, here are the September titles that…

New Releases

On My Radar: August

I’ve barely read anything in July so it seems particularly cruel to have so many more enticing books coming this way in August! I need my reading mojo back, pronto. Also why have there been so many Romeo and Juliet…