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Month: January 2017


The Yorkshire Shepherdess

Amanda Owen always wanted to work with animals. A townie from Huddersfield, she tells her story of how she met her husband, Clive, and moved into Ravenseat, a hill farm in the Yorkshire Dales. Once you’ve accidentally got your nose caught up in wool that…

Young Adult

Margot & Me

Fliss loves her mother, so when she suggests a spell in Wales will help her recovery from cancer, she can hardly refuse. Internally she can complain all she likes, as they go to live on her grandmother’s farm in the absolute middle of nowhere. There’s…

5 Star, Young Adult

Radio Silence

The most important thing to Frances is her education, on track to get into Oxbridge her only guilty pleasure is a podcast no one else really knows about. Aled’s sister disappeared and Frances thinks she’s the reason why. When the two becomes friends, she learns…

Books In


The key thing I got in the post so far this year were some softbox studio lights, which have made a world of difference to my Instagram photos. I just got cheap ones off eBay and whilst they can be a bit fiddly to click…


Q+A with Vic James

Today I’m excited to welcome Vic James to the blog. I reviewed Gilded Cage earlier this month and was eager to hear about how it came to be. Read on to find out more… How would you describe Gilded Cage in 140 characters or less?…

Young Adult

The Sun is Also a Star

Natasha believes in science, not fate. She’s not even sure love exists. Today is the day she is due to be deported but she’s not given up yet. Daniel wants to be a poet, he believes in romance and believes fate has led him to…

Fantasy, Young Adult


Ruby has spent her life hiding her power. She is a Fireblood, gifted with the ability to manipulate heat and flame, well she would if she had a chance to practice. But in her eagerness to learn, she draws the Frost King’s soldiers to her…

Science Fiction


When they started hearing the voices, chaos ensued. People turned against their friends and families, then turned on themselves. Not everyone hears them, but Pilgrim does and he’s found an uneasy truce with the voice in his head. Him and Voice get by on their…