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Month: April 2012

Books In


Not much in the way of post this week, even though I was expecting a few things yesterday. However the two books I received were pretty exciting. I’ve already read Charlotte Street (excellent) which is Danny Wallace’s debut novel. Yes…

Historical Fiction

Island of Wings

In 1830, Reverend Neil Mckenzie and his young wife, Lizzie, make their way to the remote island of St Kilda to start a new life and bring Christianity to the Pagan inhabitants. Poor, poor Lizzie. She is an English speaker…

Horror, Young Adult

Hollow Pike

Liz knew she was dreaming, although this brought little comfort as the blood ran down her face. It rushed up her nostrils and caught in the back of her throat. The metallic taste choked her, panic creeping in. Liz has…

5 Star, Fantasy

The Immortal Rules

Allie lives on the fringe in a vampire city. Disease has wiped out millions of human lives and people have been forced under the so-called protection of the vampires. Outside city walls lurk the terrifying rabids, who will tear you…

Books In


AKA In My Mailbox So this week I got 24 copies of The Book Thief! It’s World Book Night tomorrow, so look out for crazed people thrusting books at you…and, um, events going on in your area. For Review Island…