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Month: May 2017

Science Fiction

Shattered Minds

Shattered Minds is set in the same universe as False Hearts and can be read as a standalone. Whilst this review is spoiler free please bear in mind that Shattered Minds does contain some spoilers for False Hearts, so if you want to read both,…

List, Top Ten

Top Ten Most Anticipated

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s TTT topic is most anticipated books for the second half of this year. I think some of mine a pretty obvious, but for once there are lots of series books coming out…


The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist

The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist is a short novella (or long short story) reworking The Little Mermaid with a modern twist. It follows a scientist who studies the atargati, an intelligent species that live in the depths of the ocean. People in general call the…

Young Adult

The Fallen Children

As a huge fan of John Wyndham I was intrigued to see what David Owen would do with this Midwich Cuckoos inspired young adult novel. The thing about the original Midwich was its close-knit community, where the village rallied round to help the mysteriously pregnant…


Summer Reading List

Rather than doing this week’s Top Ten Tuesday Summer Reads topic, I thought I’d just share my summer reading list. Bex is encouraging everyone to share them on the Ninja Book Box forum and I created my list a couple of weeks ago so I…


Ink and Bone

Imagine a world where the Great Library of Alexandria still stands and Gutenberg’s press was suppressed leaving the great institution as the gatekeeper of the written word. That’s where Rachel Caine’s Great Library series is set. Oh and England is at war with Wales. There…

Science Fiction

The Power

I saw The Power on so many best-of lists last year and with its inclusion in the Women’s Prize shortlist, I bumped it up my TBR. The premise is that girls have evolved to give off electrical shocks and they pass this on to older…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Dream Thieves

The Dream Thieves is the second book in the Raven Cycle and therefore this review may contain spoilers for The Raven Boys. These books are real slow burners, I would usually expect to get into the second book in a series so much quicker, but…


Down the Rabbit Hole

Read the World: Mexico Down the Rabbit Hole is both a story about a lonely boy who wants a pygmy hippo and a glimpse into the world of a drug lord. Tochtli lives with his father in a secluded and secure palace. His only friends…

Young Adult

American Street

Read the World: Haiti Fabiola is travelling from Haiti to live with her aunt and cousins in Detroit when her mother is detained by immigration. Her new home is on the intersection of American and Joy but her new life is far from perfect. Her…