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Month: November 2015


Reap the Wind

Reap the Wind is the 7th book in the Cassie Palmer series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. On the brink of a supernatural war, Pythia Cassie Palmer has more important things on her mind. Time is running out to…

Young Adult

This is Where it Ends

10:00 The principal finishes welcoming the entire student body to a new semester. 10:02 The students get up to leave the auditorium. 10:03 The auditorium doors won’t open. 10:05 Someone starts shooting. This is Where it Ends is a fast paced, page-turner, with tragedy at…

Young Adult

Wolf by Wolf

The world is wrong. I’m just doing my part to fix it. It’s been over 10 years since the Nazis won WWII. 18-year-old Yael has one mission, to kill Hitler. The only way she can get close enough is to take the place of Adele…


The Masked City

The Masked City is the sequel to The Invisible Library and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. When Irene’s assistant Kai goes missing from an alternate London, the Librarian soon discovers he’s been kidnapped. An action that could bring forth a…



I knew from an early age I wasn’t cut out for sport. I successfully managed the carb loading, so I was 50 per cent of the way of the way there, but the bit after that, the running and jumping bit, just bored the tits…


Quickie Reviews

The Haunting of Hill House was my Halloween read this year, even though I didn’t read much of it on the actual day. Something I love about books from this sort of period is the amount of booze consumed in a casual sort of way….

Books In

The first Illumicrate has landed!

Illumicrate is a new bookish subscription box started by Daphne of Winged Reviews. She’s done a wonderfully professional job with the first box. I’m sure they’ll be plenty of unboxing videos around but just let me say it was obvious a lot more care had…

Young Adult

The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Some problems are bigger than the end of the world. With the end of school looming, it is Mikey’s last chance to tell Henna how he feels. He’s not one of the Indie kids, the chosen ones who always seem to be battling something. This…

5 Star, Historical Fiction

Carrying Albert Home

When Elsie gives her husband Homer the ultimatum “it’s me or the alligator”, the couple find themselves on a journey from West Virginia to Florida in a 1925 Buick convertible with an alligator and a rooster on the back seat. With America in the midst…

Books In


A Christmas book has snuck in already! Actually, I’ve been drinking festive drinks and eating festive sandwiches for a while already, there’s no holding me back this year. Now that my birthday’s out the way, I’ve even started my present shopping! Of course, I got…