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Month: November 2012

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Pressia was only a young child the day of the Detonations. The day that changed the world forever. Those inside the dome were protected but the masses left outside were irrevocably changed; the combination of radiation and nanotechnology leaving them…

Horror, Young Adult


Emma spends her evenings in the cemetery. Mourning the recent death of her boyfriend, Daniel, she feels his presence there even though he has no grave. Her friends and family try their best to help but Emma is broken. She…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I was joking this week that I was getting daily post from Headline but it’s not far off! I haven’t read any Janet Evanovich before; do you think I can pick these ones up without reading the…

General Fiction, Literary

Big Ray

Daniel didnโ€™t know his father was dead until a few days after it happened. His death brings mixed feelings; both relief and sadness. Weighing in at over 500 pounds, Big Ray was not an easy man to know. His temper…

Science Fiction


Whatever you do, donโ€™t say you want to go outside. Holsten is the sheriff of a silo; an underground city keeping its inhabitants safe from the inhospitable outside world. Those living up top see the barren landscape only through the…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

The Horologicon

For every hour of the day, The Horologicon brings us a lost word or four to perfectly suit any situation. Mark Forsyth takes us through an average working day from the first moments of consciousness to avoiding working at work,…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Yesterday felt a bit like Christmas as the postie greeted me at the door with a huge pile of book-shaped packages. Thanks to everyone who’s sent me books this week! I haven’t linked to the correct editions…