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Month: February 2018

5 Star, Fantasy

The City of Brass

Often the mightiest things have the humblest beginnings. Nahri’s story starts in 18th century Egypt but takes her across the Middle East to a magical city with gleaming brass walls. I absolutely loved the setting, and I was pleased to see a map which helped…


The Only Harmless Great Thing

I tried to buy The Only Harmless Great Thing twice. After reading The Radium Girls it was recommended to me so I went to pre-order it, only to find I apparently had already done so, six months earlier. It was clearly a sign, so I…

5 Star, Fantasy


If you love Greek mythology there’s no way you’ll be missing Madeline Miller’s Circe, which tells the story of the witch from The Odyssey. You may know her best for turning men into pigs, but this wonderful novel is much more than that. It’s her…

5 Star, General Fiction

The Tidal Zone

What a stunning novel this is, dealing with what happens when we are faced with the fragility of human life. Adam’s previously healthy teenager daughter collapses one day at school. Her heart stops. How do you go one with life knowing that life can stop…

List, Top Ten

Top Ten TBR Lurkers

Top Ten Tuesday is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. The deepest corners of my TBR are populated by a few authors whose work I binge bought years ago and never got round to reading, but I really like them so won’t let go….

Books In

January (and a bit) Book Haul!

Remember the days when every Sunday bloggers would post what new books they had in? I used to love hopping round blogs being nosy but it’s something that has gone out of fashion. There were scandals and other hosts just stopping blogging and it’s faded…


The Belles

Who wants love when one can be powerful? How far would you go to be beautiful? Expensive treatments? Pain? In the world of The Belles most people are born grey, ugly in the eyes of high society. Into each generation Belles are born, destined to…