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Month: January 2016

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I am so excited to have a copy of The Map of Bones to read (and as an extra bonus the proof matches my Alpha The Fire Sermon proof) but I’ve also received some other fantastic sounding books the past few weeks. I may have…

Classics, Science Fiction

I, Robot

I, Robot is a collection of interconnected stories exploring the Three Laws of Robotics. Anyone with even a passing interest in science fiction or robotics will have heard of Asimov’s laws and they have continued to be influential over 65 years later. The book is…


Carry On

For those that don’t know what Carry On is, it is Rainbow’s own fan fiction of a fictional series that features in one of her books in which the main character writes fan fiction. Yup, it’s all a bit meta at this point. Carry On…

Historical Fiction

The Ballroom

She’d heard of it. Since she was small. If you ever did anything stupid: the asylum. For the lunatics. The paupers. They’ll send you to Sharston, and you’ll never come out. In an asylum on the Yorkshire moors, a dance is held once a week…

Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Salt to the Sea

Germany was finally telling people what they should have said months ago. Run for your lives. Salt to the Sea follows a group of characters in the harsh winter of 1945, travelling across what was once Prussia in order to secure passage on boats which…

5 Star, Young Adult

13 Minutes

Natasha Howland had been dead for 13 minutes when she’s resuscitated. She can’t remember how she ended up in the icy river. She’s certain it wasn’t a suicide attempt and she doesn’t think it was an accident. But who would want to hurt her, the…