Revival is a “rural noir” comic series by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton (with additional illustrations by Mark Englert). Volume one was included in one of the Image Comics Humble Bundles that I’ve bought over the years and, with an intention to read more graphic novels this year, I thought that would be a good starting point.

This is an interesting take on the zombie genre; what if people came back from the dead and they were still the people they were before? Well, mostly the same, as the story continues we see that some people are reacting differently.

What I really liked about this was the small town America setting, where everyone knows everyone and there are plenty of different personal stories. This volume included issues -5 and is mostly just introducing the players so some might find it a little slow, but I liked the effort to make the characters have a bit more depth, and things they were worried about that had nothing to do with the dead coming back to life.

The main character is Officer Dana Cypress, a female cop in Wausau, Wisconsin, forever seeking her father’s approval (which is why she joined the force) and has been growing distant from her sister. But her sister’s more involved in this weird occurance than Dana would expect. The representative from the CDC (or equivalent) is Muslim doing non-stereotypical Muslim things, like investigating, hoorah. There’s also a nutjob exorcist roaming around too, the perfect chance for him to ply his trade.

I’ll definitely give the next volume a try. There’s some intriguing threads cropping up. I also really like Image’s trend (well from the comics I’ve read so far) of having a different artist to do full page illustrations for the start/end of chapters.

I’ll leave you with a few more images to whet your appetite…

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