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Month: May 2016

5 Star, Science Fiction

The Fireman

They put down Draco Incendia Trychophyton on the death certificates, but even the Surgeon General called it Dragonscale. Or he had, until he burned to death. A plague is spreading across the world, no one knows how, but the infected…

Books In

Incoming: Illumicrate Edition

Hopefully everyone’s received their Illumicrates by now. I didn’t want to share on Instagram when it arrived as it’s really hard to avoid seeing things on there and it spoils the unboxing if you already know what’s in it. Half…



She inspired, at even the best balls, a sensation of immanent dread. It was one of the reasons she was always at the top of all invitation lists. Dread had such an agreeable effect on on society’s upper crust. I’ll…

Books In


I’ve got about 20 boxes of books packed up and one and a half bookcases still to do so I’ve been trying to stick to ebooks lately. There’s a few books not included here which I have bought, read, reviewed…

General Fiction


When Emma and Ben agree to fake a break-up to help get their autistic son, Jonah, into the best school, father and son move in with Georg. Three generations of men; a son who can’t speak and a grandfather who…