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Month: September 2016


Ninja Book Box is Coming!

I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous of Bex’s latest enterprise; I’ve previously toyed with the idea of a book subscription box (albeit not the same theme) but the logistics have always put me off. You may know Bex from the wonderful Ninja Book Swap which…

Young Adult

The Graces

Everyone said the Graces were witches. River keeps to herself at her new school, biding her time until she can befriend them. The Graces are the perfect family and they never keep friends for long. Everyone wants their chance but River knows she will be…

Science Fiction

The Beauty

The fungus claimed the women. All of them. The men and boys left behind must live their lives with the knowledge they will be the last. Little do they know what lies in the woods, what grows in the graves of their lost loved ones……

5 Star, Young Adult


Ben, Dean, Millie, Zara. Me – Alix. Five friends, five years… it feels like a lifetime. Once they were five, now they are four. Alix has drifted apart from her friends ever since Millie’s death, she was the glue that held them together, but she…

Books In


OMG, so many books. Where are they all coming from?! I didn’t do an incoming post in August and admittedly this is 6 weeks worth but it doesn’t include the bookshop crawl and Illumicrate books that I did actually blog about last month. I’m rubbish…