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Month: December 2014

Young Adult

The Door That Led to Where

AJ’s failed all his GCSEs except one; English. He loves disappearing into worlds other than his own. His mother, the Red Lizard, couldn’t care less about him unless he’s bringing money in. When AJ lands an interview at a top…

Books In

Incoming: Christmas Edition

AKA Showcase Sunday I hope everyone’s been enjoying the holidays! I’m half-way through my time off and have been reading like a demon to meet my goal for 2014. I’m nearly there! Amongst my presents from Josh were some books,…

Young Adult

Love Letters to the Dead

When Laurel receives an English assignment to write a letter to a dead person, she chooses Kurt Cobain. He was her sister’s favourite musician and they both died young. When it comes time to hand it in, Laurel suddenly finds…

Classics, Uncategorized

A Christmas Carol

There’s more of gravy than of the grave about you! A Christmas Carol needs no introduction. Having watched many an adaptation every Christmas, this is the first year I’ve actually got round to reading the book. It’s novella length and…

Crime Fiction, Translation

The Islanders

Following the death of his mother, Olivier is stranded in a snowy Versailles over Christmas. When he goes to ask his neighbour for the phonebook, an old flame opens the door. He hasn’t seen his high school love Jeanne in…