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Month: February 2016

Books In


I have already covered the books I got on the London Bookshop Crawl, but I did have a few new ones before then which are included here. We’re house hunting at the moment so I’m aware I will have to…

Science Fiction

The Book of Phoenix

Phoenix has lived all her short life in Tower 7. She is one of the SpeciMen, an accelerated, genetically modified human being. When the man she loves sees something awful, he takes his own life, leaving Phoenix alone. She soon…


Modern Romance

Just how do you go about finding the love of your life in the 21st century? How had technology shaped dating and romance, and is it all really for the better? This book, a collaboration between comedian Aziz Ansari and…


The Man I Became

This is the story of a gorilla who became a man. Plucked from his natural habitat, he learns how to speak, how walk and how to act like a human. Yet humans remain his masters. Periene’s mission is to provide…

General Fiction

The Well

Ruth and Mark moved to The Well to start a new life in the country. Yet in the grip of the worst drought Britain has ever seen, their farm continues to prosper. As their neighbours struggle to feed their livestock…

Young Adult

How Hard Can Love Be?

Amber hasn’t seen her mother in two years, she didn’t even get invited to the wedding. Ever since she sobered up, she seems to have had a personality transplant. This summer she hopes to fix everything, by spending six weeks…


Down Station

At night, after the tubes shut down, the workers come out to fix and clean the tunnels under London. This night everything will change. As London burns, a few trapped underground will flee. They seek refuge through a mysterious door…