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Month: December 2015


Top Ten 2015

Whilst most of these were published in 2015, this is really a list of my favourite books that I read this year. My average rating for 2015 is 3.8 which I take as an excellent sign. I did try to…

List, Top Ten

Top Ten Most Anticipated

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This is my Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For The First Half of 2016, although I haven’t done loads of research into new releases lately, so I’m probably missing…

Thriller, Young Adult

The Masked Truth

Riley Vasquez and Max Cross each have their own problems but neither of them wants to be shipped off to a residential therapy camp. Events take a turn for the worse when three masked men break in, holding the teenagers…

Books In


I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays and eating loads of lovely food. My Christmas present books have been of a more practical nature this year. Yes, I’m counting dinosaur origami as practical. We’ll be testing out the tapas book…

Young Adult

When I Was Me

Ella wakes up one Monday morning and her bed is in the wrong place. In fact her whole room is wrong. Yet she’s still at home. Her hair is longer and her clothes are not her style at all. Her…

Young Adult

Extraordinary Means

Latham House is a school for sick teens; those diagnosed with the now incurable tuberculosis. They are given a chance to recuperate and continue their studies but Lane doesn’t want to ease off. He wants his life back, with his…


The Penguin Lessons

When Tom Michell takes a teaching job in Argentina, he hopes to see the world, despite reservations from his friends and family back home. Yet whilst on his travels he comes across an oil-slicked beach in Uruguay, and a swathe…

General Fiction


The first and last thing I do every day is see what strangers are saying about me. Life isn’t going so well for Kitab Balasubramanyam. He’s lost his job for writing a novel on company time, a novel that now…

Books In


We have a non-essential item buying ban in December so not to ruin presents for each other. That did mean I had a tiny splurge before November was out. I also bought a few bargain ebooks in the Black-Will-It-Never-End-Friday-Through-To-Cyber-Monday deals….