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Month: April 2015


#readathon complete

Local time: 13:00 Hours spent reading: 20 Pages read: 1493 Books finished: 4 Feeling: ready for a lie down Raised for charity: £163.93 Woohoo, we made it! Thanks to everyone who shared their drawing for my mini challenge. I will peruse them all later and…


#readathon: hour nineteen

Local time: 07:00 Hours spent reading: 14 Pages read: 1177 Books finished: 4 Feeling: undead Raised for charity: £154.77 So it was the lurgy after all and I gave in and went to bed at 3am. Going to try and carry on at a leisurely…


#readathon: hour thirteen

Local time: 01:00 Hours spent reading: 12 Pages read: 949 Books finished: 3 Feeling: bleary eyed Raised for charity: £150.49 Well I’ve hit my fundraising target at least, though that doesn’t mean I’m stopping just yet. It is past my normal bedtime now and I’m…


#readathon: hour nine

Local time: 21:00 Hours spent reading: 8 Pages read: 620 Books finished: 2 Feeling: full Raised for charity: £143.20 The Little Black Classic edition of The Yellow Wall-Paper actually contained three stories, so I read them all but the title story was definitely the strongest….


#readathon: hour five

Local time: 17:00 Hours spent reading: 4 Pages read: 306 Books finished: 0 Feeling: hayfeverish Raised for charity: £136.06 Waaah why has my hayfever hit me now? Or maybe it’s the dreaded lurgy? At least Anna and the French Kiss has been distracting me nicely…


#readathon: getting ready to rumble

Local start time: 13:00 Hours spent reading: 0 Pages read: 0 Books finished: 0 Feeling: ready for action! Raised for charity: £129.00 I’m going to stress, sleeping is not a failure. I thoroughly recommend a nap, especially for those of us starting in the afternoon….


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