Welcome to Hour 20’s Mini Challenge!

So what’s your current book about? No, don’t tell me in words, I want to see a picture! Please draw a scene from your current read (or any one you’re read during the readathon).

You’ve been awake at least 19 hours now, so I’m not expecting a masterpiece. Stick people are welcome here!

You can get simple drawing apps for your tablet or smartphone, or use whatever software’s on your computer (Paint’s OK, honest). Draw on paper and take a photo or scan it in. You can create it out of leftover snacks or that coffee you threw everywhere in a sleep deprived haze. Please note, I will need to see your picture if you want to enter to win a book BUT you can just join in anyway, as it’s a good break for your brain.

Leave a comment with a link to your picture here, or you can tweet me your picture @patchworkbunny (also on Instagram).

Of course, there’s a prize attached. Complete the challenge and you can enter to win a book of your choice up to a maximum value of £10 or $15. Please, to make life easier, can you pop your entry into the Rafflecopter below. Then I can swiftly pick and winner and contact them whilst being half asleep.

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