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Month: November 2011


We Bought A Zoo

I read We Bought a Zoo a few years ago in my pre-blog days and it’s remained one of my favourite non-fiction reads. It’s the story behind Dartmoor Zoo but more than that it’s the story of a man without…

Young Adult

This is Not Forgiveness

I can’t decide what to do with your ashes. It’s been nearly a year now. Almost summer again. … This is not forgiveness. Don’t think that. A powerful start. We know Rob is dead. We know there were funerals. We…

Crime Fiction

The Crowded Grave

At the site of a ground-breaking archaeological find, a more recent burial is discovered. With an important summit being held in the region, authorities are on the look-out for Basque separatists all the while trying to protect the local foie…


In Praise of Savagery

As a young man, Warwick Cairns met legendary explorer, Wilfred Thesiger. At the time, he didn’t know who he was. He had gone a long to a meeting of one of those charities that arranges community work in third world…

Books In


AKA In My Mailbox Quite a few books in this week although nothing specifically for review so no pressure! First up is the Lily Bard series by Charlaine Harris. I got these for the bargain price of Β£6.99 for the…

Young Adult


Hayling Island sits off the coast or Portsmouth on the south coast of England. Fourteen year old Alix is walking her dog along the beach one cold spring morning when she witnesses a man being thrown out of a boat….