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Month: September 2012

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday There should really be The Raven Boys in this pile but it turned up with a crumpled corner and is going back to Waterstones (who I switched to after Amazon kept sending me battered books). They have…



When disaster strikes, we all assume the emergency services will be there to help. But standards and services offered vary from country to country. Australian paramedic Benjamin Gilmour has spent 15 years travelling the world and working alongside ambulance teams,…



Natalya Stravinsky may be a werewolf but her life is ruled by her obsessive compulsive disorder. Shunned from the pack, she lives as a rogue, surrounding herself with holiday ornaments, carefully packed away in boxes. When her ex, Thorn, returns…

Fantasy, Young Adult


15 year old Julie Richardson is a witch. Her mother doesn’t let her do much magic but when her elderly neighbour is turfed out of her home by a poltergeist, she can’t just stand back and do nothing. With her…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I never know what to categorise books from newbooks magazine as. They are sort of for review as you’re meant to “tell all your friends” and the stickers say they are free but you have to pay…


The Dark Heroine

It would be my birthday in thirteen days. I would turn eighteen a hostage. One night in London, Violet witnesses a blood bath in Trafalgar Square. Unable to flee the scene fast enough, the murderers take her with them to…



Guest post by Evie Manieri, author of Blood’s Pride. Early on in Hitchcock’s film adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca, the unnamed heroine tells Mr. deWinter about her father, an artist who mostly painted the same tree, over and over…



Alex Verus runs a magic shop in Camden. He also happens to be a real wizard, one that escaped a dark mage yet holds no favour with the council of light mages. One of the few people he can call…