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Month: April 2014


Everything begins at Midnight

Read the first four chapters of the new series by Charlaine Harris! You can also download in PDF form to make reading easier. Don’t forget to check out the #IWantItAtMidnight competition: The winner will spend the night in a fantastic hotel and have their copy…

5 Star, Horror

The Three

Thursday 12th January 2012. Four planes crash; Florida, Japan, Tenerife and Cape Town. Three of the planes had sole survivors, three children who came out alive against all odds. As the world struggles to understand how and why, a message is heard, a message that…


#Readathon: The End

Local time: 13:00 Hours spent reading: 20 Hours awake: 7 Pages read: 1358 Books finished: 4.5 Feeling: in need of a reading break I’m pretty chuffed at what I got through this time. I usually read 3.5 books…plus I don’t feel too knackered. Half read:…


#Readathon Hour 22

Local time: 10:00 Hours spent reading: 17 Hours awake: 4 Pages read: 1215 Books finished: 4 Feeling: distracted Currently reading: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa Read: Tinder by Sally Gardner, Landline by Rainbow Rowell, Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield, Beauty by Sarah Pinborough Pages…


#Readathon Hour 19

Local time: 07:00 Hours spent reading: 14 Hours awake: 1 Pages read: 1033 Books finished: 3 Feeling: slightly refreshed I’ve had four hours sleep, which doesn’t feel nearly enough but I’m back up and reading. Loved Friday Brown! Next up is my mini challenge at…


#Readathon Hour 13

Local time: 01:00 Hours spent reading: 12 Hours awake: 16 Pages read: 890 Books finished: 2 Feeling: sleepy I’m officially up past my bedtime. Nearly finished Friday Brown (I’m at a gripping bit) and then I’ll probably crawl under my duvet, with a plan to…


#Readathon Hour 10

Local time: 22:00 Hours spent reading: 9 Hours awake: 13 Pages read: 699 Books finished: 2 Feeling: snuffly I finished another book, WOOHOO! Plus I had dinner and faffed around on the internet a bit. Really enjoying Vikki Wakefield’s writing, I’m surprised she’s not better…


#Readathon Hour 7

Local time: 19:00 Hours spent reading: 6 Hours awake: 10 Pages read: 514 Books finished: 1 Feeling: squinty Starting to lose a little focus so it’s probably the perfect time to go make dindins. I’ll just have a short break from reading before settling in…


#Readathon Hour 4

Local time: 16:00 Hours spent reading: 3 Hours awake: 7 Pages read: 330 Books finished: 1 Feeling: productive Well, this is my best start to a readathon yet. Admittedly Tinder has pictures and some pages with not a lot of text on but still, I…