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Month: April 2014

5 Star, Horror

The Three

Thursday 12th January 2012. Four planes crash; Florida, Japan, Tenerife and Cape Town. Three of the planes had sole survivors, three children who came out alive against all odds. As the world struggles to understand how and why, a message…


#Readathon: The End

Local time: 13:00 Hours spent reading: 20 Hours awake: 7 Pages read: 1358 Books finished: 4.5 Feeling: in need of a reading break I’m pretty chuffed at what I got through this time. I usually read 3.5 books…plus I don’t…


#Readathon Hour 22

Local time: 10:00 Hours spent reading: 17 Hours awake: 4 Pages read: 1215 Books finished: 4 Feeling: distracted Currently reading: The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa Read: Tinder by Sally Gardner, Landline by Rainbow Rowell, Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield,…


#Readathon Hour 19

Local time: 07:00 Hours spent reading: 14 Hours awake: 1 Pages read: 1033 Books finished: 3 Feeling: slightly refreshed I’ve had four hours sleep, which doesn’t feel nearly enough but I’m back up and reading. Loved Friday Brown! Next up…


#Readathon Hour 13

Local time: 01:00 Hours spent reading: 12 Hours awake: 16 Pages read: 890 Books finished: 2 Feeling: sleepy I’m officially up past my bedtime. Nearly finished Friday Brown (I’m at a gripping bit) and then I’ll probably crawl under my…


#Readathon Hour 10

Local time: 22:00 Hours spent reading: 9 Hours awake: 13 Pages read: 699 Books finished: 2 Feeling: snuffly I finished another book, WOOHOO! Plus I had dinner and faffed around on the internet a bit. Really enjoying Vikki Wakefield’s writing,…


#Readathon Hour 7

Local time: 19:00 Hours spent reading: 6 Hours awake: 10 Pages read: 514 Books finished: 1 Feeling: squinty Starting to lose a little focus so it’s probably the perfect time to go make dindins. I’ll just have a short break…


#Readathon Hour 4

Local time: 16:00 Hours spent reading: 3 Hours awake: 7 Pages read: 330 Books finished: 1 Feeling: productive Well, this is my best start to a readathon yet. Admittedly Tinder has pictures and some pages with not a lot of…