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Month: July 2012


666 Park Avenue

“Right, because it’s every girl’s fantasy to live in the world’s creepiest house with her fiancé’s controlling family and then have the rest of the world act insane just because she’s about to share their last name.” Jane’s living in…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I managed to read and review Last to Die already even though I only received it Friday… Was so excited to get a copy early and Rizzoli and Isles are such easy reading. I’ve been looking forward…

5 Star, Young Adult

Pushing the Limits

Echo has no memories of the event that left her arms horribly scared. Once part of the popular crowd, she now hides away from the rumours flying around school about her. Her so-called friends think if she would only get…

Crime Fiction

Last to Die

Three children, orphaned twice over, first their birth families, then three years later the families that took them in. Detective Jane Rizzoli doesn’t believe in coincidences but must stand back whilst Crowe chases after the wrong guy. Maura meets two…

5 Star, Crime Fiction


Atlanta, 1974: Amanda Wagner and Evelyn Mitchell are young, female police officers in a man’s world. A step up from secretaries, they are assigned to sex crimes and rarely see a serious case. When they are sent to Techwood Homes…