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Category: Young Adult

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Gilded Ones

Deka prays for her blood to run pure. If it flows red at the cutting ceremony, she can take her place as a woman, and will be able to wear a mask, hiding her face from the gaze of men. If it flows gold, she…

Crime Fiction, Young Adult

Truly Devious

In 1936, industrialist and founder of Ellingham Academy, Albert Ellingham received a threatening letter signed Truly Devious. His daughter and wife were kidnapped, never to be seen again and a student went missing. The case was never solved. Stevie wants to solve it, and the…

Young Adult

One of Us is Next

The kids of Bayview High are no strangers to gossip. When everyone in the school receives a text message inviting them to play a game of truth or dare, they think it’s just another Simon copycat. But when they are ignored the truths start to…

Young Adult

The Paper & Hearts Society

When Tabby moves to Dorset, she hopes to leave her old life behind. Her nan encourages her to make new friends, but she’s perfectly fine by herself. At least she has her books. Blogger Lucy Powrie‘s debut novel is adorable. It contains the best sounding…

Young Adult

They Both Die at the End

Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio are strangers but both receive a call from Death Cast in the early hours of 5th September. The call is to tell them some bad news, they are going to die today. Mateo is all alone, his father in a…

5 Star, Young Adult

I Was Born For This

Angel is a superfan. Her life is all about The Ark, the band currently taking the world by storm. She is embarking on what will be the best week of her life, a meet and greet with her boys and socialising with others in her…

Young Adult

All the Lonely People

Kat’s whole life is online, so when she is targeted by trolls, she faces deleting her entire existence. Little does she know that feeling invisible to the world, is the first stage of the fade. Can she find a connection to stop her fading away…

Young Adult

Two Can Keep a Secret

The town of Echo Ridge has seen tragedy strike twice and neither mystery has ever been solved. In the nineties, a teenage girl went missing after homecoming and five years ago, the homecoming queen was murdered in the local theme park, aptly named Murderland. Twins…