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Category: Young Adult

Young Adult

It Only Happens in the Movies

Everyone warns Audrey about Harry when she starts working at the independent cinema. But that’s fine with her because she’s sworn off men since Milo broke up with her. That doesn’t mean she can’t help him with his zombie film… You’re so middle class, I…

Young Adult

Far From You

Far From You follows Sophie who has become addicted to prescription medication following a car crash that left her in constant pain. Her life is wrapped up with Mina and Trev, brother and sister, the two people she loves most in the world. Mina likes…

5 Star, Young Adult


Warning, you will need tissues for Sarah Crossan’s next book! Moonrise‘s sparse yet beautiful free verse tells the story of Joe whose brother is on death row. It follows Ed’s final weeks as well as flashbacks to their childhood, which builds up your compassion for…

Young Adult


The contemporary story at the heart of Release is powerful and moving. Adam is a preacher’s son and he is gay. He’s quite comfortable with his sexuality but his family are in denial. The boy he thought he was in love with is leaving town…

Young Adult

A Quiet Kind of Thunder

I loved this adorable story about Steffi and Rhys, filled with so much damp-eye inducing kindness, which can be so hard to come-by (although I hear a rumour that kindness is all set to be the next big publishing trend). Meekness is my camouflage; silence…

Young Adult

Truth or Dare

Non Pratt writes good teens, the kind you can imagine actually existing in today’s world. Claire didn’t really know Sef’s brother Kam before the accident, the fall from a railway bridge left him with brain damage and he’s never going to be the same again….

Young Adult


I was expecting S.T.A.G.S to be a dark boarding school tale with a hint of horror and was thoroughly looking forward to reading it. Greer has received a scholarship to attend the prestigious school whilst her single father is working abroad. She’s from Manchester and…

Young Adult


How many times have you given a lottery ticket as a token gift, something to fall out a birthday but never expecting it to be a winning ticket, not really? When Alice buys Teddy a lottery ticket for his 18th birthday, that’s exactly what she…

Young Adult


When I first heard about Dumplin’ it reminded me a bit of Little Miss Sunshine (which is an excellent film, watch it). The pageant itself isn’t a huge part of this book, but it is a big deal in the Texas town Willowdean lives in….

Young Adult

When Dimple Met Rishi

Dimple is excited about going to college, if she can just get through one last summer without her parents changing their mind. Her mother thinks college is a great place to find the Ideal Indian Husband but Dimple would rather concentrate on her career. Marriage…