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Month: January 2015

Crime Fiction

Die Again

Die Again is the 11th book in the Rizzoli and Isles series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. Six years ago, a group of tourists head into the Botswana bush to experience the “real Africa”. One death can be discounted…


Win Bird Box!

Don’t open your eyes. Bird Box by Josh Malerman is one of the best horror books I’ve read (though admittedly, I’m too much of a wimp to read many). You can read my review here. I picked up a spare copy at a recent HarperCollins…


The Invisible Library

The Library’s purpose is to collect and store books from all realities. Irene is a Librarian, whose job it is to venture into different alternates and retrieve books for the collection. They may be those which only exist in one world or which circumstances in…

5 Star, Young Adult


When 15 year old Hannah Shepherd discovers she’s pregnant, she doesn’t know who to tell. She does know that she wants to keep it. She pretends she doesn’t know who the father is, and with her reputation, it’s not hard to convince people. After her…

General Fiction, Literary


Pearl doesn’t know how she came to be in the river behind her house. Soon her daughter and granddaughter arrive to sort through her things, get the house on the market. Ada and Pepper have moved around so much, Ada never holding down a job…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I’ve been eyeing up the Waterstones edition of The Miniaturist for a while now, but of course wasn’t allowed to buy books before Christmas. So last week I treated myself to a copy as well as a couple of other titles that…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

Red Rising

Darrow mines the minerals deep below the surface of Mars. He is a Red, a race sent ahead to make the planet inhabitable for the rest of mankind. Or that is what he believes. When the ruling class take away the one thing he loves…