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Month: September 2014

5 Star, Fantasy


Visions is the second book in the Cainsville series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book, Omens. Olivia sees omens. With everything that’s happened since she moved to Cainsville, she doesn’t dismiss them as easily as…

Young Adult

More Than This

A boy dies. He wakes up alone in a familiar place. Is this the afterlife? There must be more than this? Is that what hell is? Trapped forever, alone in your worst memory? More Than This has such a strong…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


In 2014 sea levels rose to destructive heights. Those with the means fled in boats, sailing until they found land. These refugees set about creating Land, a place where everyone had their assigned purpose. Sixty years later, the population is…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I got some great books from Hot Key Books in the last few weeks and my first 2015 review copy! Annihilation is still free on Kindle if you’re interested. For review: A Place Called Winter by Patrick…