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Month: February 2013

Crime Fiction

The Silence

Guest review from Yvann @ Reading with Tea. He looked around to see Elizabeth Martin herself eyeing him. She was a woman in her mid-fifties, with grey-flecked blond hair and a passion for knitwear. Skirt, top, scarf; all knitted. Even her boots had a roll-over…


A is for… Afanc

I didn’t get very far last time I started an A-Z of mythology feature here on the blog. I was far too invested in finding and reading books to go with each post. This time round, I’m going to choose some of the more obscure…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday It’s one of those weeks where I doubt my sanity. I received a prize that I don’t remember winning or entering for but it’s lovely, and glossy and full of amazing photography so I’m not complaining. Then there was one of those…


What is “adult” fiction?

Revolutions, family dinners, tyrannical fathers, faery courts, dimension hopping, bad boys, murder, scandal, history, cryogenics, revenge, weirdness, laughter, genetic engineering, family obligations, death, gods, the underworld, top secret magic schools, A CUDDLY TOY, lost memories, multiple personalities, secret government organisations, mind control, grief, hidden worlds,…

Fantasy, Young Adult

Mystic City

New York is flooded and the city is ruled by the upper classes. Below, the mystics live in the depths, in buildings threatening to crumble into the sea. But mystics must have their powers drained for they are dangerous and a menace to society left…


An Artificial Night

An Artificial Night is the third book in the October Daye series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. Are the fae ever sane? We live in a world that isn’t there half the time. We claim that windmills are giants,…

Historical Fiction

The Specimen

The year is 1866 and Mrs Pemberton is on trial for the murder of Mr Scales. Seven years earlier, Gwen Carrick meets Edward Scales on a Cornish beach. They soon start up a flirtatious acquaintance; Gwen introducing Edward to her love of the natural world…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday A couple of lovely covers this week. The Last Banquet has a fanastic bewigged tiger gracing its cover and Pretty Girl Thirteen is not much to look at on the screen but it has a very pretty spot varnish pattern on in…