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Month: February 2013

5 Star, Young Adult

If I Stay

Miaโ€™s life was going pretty well until one day. The day her entire family is involved in a car crash. She can only stand by and watch as the ambulance crew bundle her damaged body into the back and rush…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I love Mayhem‘s cover. Kind of wishing I’d thought to design my blog like that. I have the blood splatter, just not the wrought iron. The crime fiction is starting to back up a bit, hoping that…


Winners Announced!

I bet you’d thought I’d forgotten about my sci-fi challenge? It was just a bit of a pain to collate all the separate linky lists. Never again! It is quite obvious looking back that the participation dropped off when I…

5 Star, Science Fiction, Young Adult


Fuse is the sequel to Pure and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. A wretch has been captured by the dome and returned Pure. She comes with a message; return our son. Willux wants Partridge to…