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Month: October 2017


#NonficNov: My Year in Non-Fiction

Week one is hosted by Julie @ JulzReads It’s time for Non-Fiction November again. I know there are a few different versions of this but I’m doing the blog-based one hosted by JulzReads, Sarah’s Book Shelves, Doing Dewey, Emerald City Book Review and Sophisticated Dorkiness….

Science Fiction

Strange Weather

I found Joe Hill’s collection of four novellas rather depressing, and I’m not sure I would have chosen to read them right now if I’d have known that. I’ve been spending time lately curating my social media in a way that I’m not exposed to…

Historical Fiction

The Last Hours

Unlike many people who will be picking up this book, I’ve not read any of Minette Walters’ thrillers, although I may have seen adaptations on the telly. Neither am I a fan of historical fiction of this period but I was drawn to The Last…

Books In

Ninja Book Swap

This Ninja Book Swap has been anxiety filled for me, what with me running it for the first time. I’m so paranoid I messed up the matching or sent the wrong details to people, it’s been a huge relief to see the happy tweets and…


#readathon complete

Local time: 13:00 Hours spent reading: 20 Total pages read: 1092 Books read: 4.5 I think this is the tiredest I’ve ever felt in the final hours considering I always have some sleep. I’m totally going to blame Scully’s fidgeting as I napped on the…


#readathon 10 years in 10 books

Local time: 00:30 Hours spent reading: 11.5 Total pages read: 590 Pages read since last update: 284 Books read: 3 Currently reading: Frostbite by Joshua Williamson Books completed: Grave Matter by Juno Dawson, The Arrival of Missives by Aliya Whiteley + One of Us is…

Readathon, Uncategorized

#readathon hour seven

Local time: 19:00 Hours spent reading: 6 Total pages read: 306 Books read: 2 Currently reading: One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus Books completed: Grave Matter by Juno Dawson + The Arrival of Missives by Aliya Whiteley. I started off with some…


Get ready to #readathon!

Local start time: 13:00 Hours spent reading: 0 Total pages read: 0 Books? Check. Snacks? Check. Coffee? Double check! Sanity…er. Yup it’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon time again. Are you excited? Are you even awake? There’s a bit of a storm raging outside so it’s…

Young Adult

It Only Happens in the Movies

Everyone warns Audrey about Harry when she starts working at the independent cinema. But that’s fine with her because she’s sworn off men since Milo broke up with her. That doesn’t mean she can’t help him with his zombie film… You’re so middle class, I…