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Month: February 2019

5 Star, Science Fiction

The Migration

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book free of charge for review purposes only. Receipt of a book does not guarantee a review or endorsement. My reviews are my honest opinion and are not biased for the purpose of personal gain. Sophie’s little sister…


Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Black Leopard, Red Wolf is a meandering novel, weaving together many elements of African mythology. You may have seen it described as epic fantasy, but’s epic in the way The Odyssey is, and not like A Game of Thrones. Tracker starts the story with an…

New Releases

On My Radar: March

It’s time to share some of March’s releases! These are all books that have caught my attention based on the descriptions or authors. I’ve included early ebook releases (where the print issue will be published later) marked by an (e) but otherwise used the date…

5 Star, Young Adult

I Was Born For This

Angel is a superfan. Her life is all about The Ark, the band currently taking the world by storm. She is embarking on what will be the best week of her life, a meet and greet with her boys and socialising with others in her…

Young Adult

All the Lonely People

Kat’s whole life is online, so when she is targeted by trolls, she faces deleting her entire existence. Little does she know that feeling invisible to the world, is the first stage of the fade. Can she find a connection to stop her fading away…

Weekly Update

Is it nearly spring yet?

IMWAYR is hosted by The Book Date. The weather over the last week has been miserable, so wet, windy and gloomy. Roll on spring! It’s nice that there are signs of life emerging now, snowdrops, daffodils and crocus have been sighted and the trees have…

General Fiction, Literary

We Cast a Shadow

Set in a near future America, We Cast a Shadow explores what happens when a country accepts institutionalised racism, when even the black people accept it. The unnamed narrator thinks the worst thing his son can be is black, that he will succeed if only…

Young Adult

Two Can Keep a Secret

The town of Echo Ridge has seen tragedy strike twice and neither mystery has ever been solved. In the nineties, a teenage girl went missing after homecoming and five years ago, the homecoming queen was murdered in the local theme park, aptly named Murderland. Twins…

Weekly Update

A Slightly Chilly Week

IMWAYR is hosted by The Book Date. Compared to the rest of the northern hemisphere, we really didn’t get much snow, but the light dusting we did get is pretty unusual for where I live. Scully enjoyed sniffing and eating it. I did not get…