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Month: October 2015

Science Fiction


Don’t you comprehend by now that they don’t feel guilt or pity? Control was built as an incorruptable arbiter, a trustworthy leader… Kenstibec was engineered to build a new world, designed to work in construction with no human desires to…



Horrorgami will keep you occupied for hours, painstakingly cutting and folding 20 horror inspired scenes. Kirigami is a form of origami that includes cutting as well as the better known folding techniques and creates 3D models from a single sheet…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

Cloud 9

Leata; a small pill that takes the edge off life. Nearly everyone takes it and everyone’s happy. Tom’s father was a journalist investigating a story on Leata when he died; the police confirm it was suicide. His father wasn’t on…


Welcome to Night Vale

That was what the Tourism Board’s new brochures said right on the front (“A town full of hidden evils and the secretly malevolent”). 19-year-old Jackie has been running Night Vale’s pawn store for decades. She is given a piece of…

Young Adult

Silence is Goldfish

Tess has always wanted to please her dad, so she’s tried so hard to fit in for his sake. When she reads six hundred and seventeen words of truth on his laptop, her world is turned upside down. Her family’s…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Potion Diaries

The Princess of Nova knows she must marry soon, or her magic with overcome her. She makes an illegal love potion intended for her chosen. Unfortunately, she accidentally drinks the potion herself and falls in love…with herself. Oops! With the…

Chick-Lit, General Fiction

After You

After You is the sequel to Me Before You and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. Lou made a promise to Will, a promise to live. Yet after a couple of years’ travelling, she’s living in…