Horrorgami will keep you occupied for hours, painstakingly cutting and folding 20 horror inspired scenes. Kirigami is a form of origami that includes cutting as well as the better known folding techniques and creates 3D models from a single sheet of card or paper.

I had previously seen photos of Marc’s Horrorgami exhibition, showcasing intricate cut-outs of houses from horror films so I was really excited to give it a go myself. The book contains 20 templates of varying complexity including the castles of Frank-N-Furter and Dracula as well as a Godzilla inspired monster attack on a city skyline.

Cutting out is harder than you think, but like colouring in and puzzles, it’s great to have something really focused that takes your mind off other things. I didn’t have time to try and tackle the harder scenes but I will definitely be giving them a go. This book is not just for Halloween!

The templates are all printed on card of a good weight for folding. The finished pieces will stand up by themselves as well as fold flat. If you wanted to keep the book intact Marc suggests scanning the templates and printing them on 180-220 g/m2 card. I chose to use the card in the book, but it would be possible to lay the finished piece flat to scan it at a later date (though obviously depends on how precise your cutting was).

You will also need a cutting tool (scalpel is recommended but I used a sharp craft knife), metal ruler and a cutting mat. A bone folder is also recommended for scoring, but I just used scissor blades, and toothpicks for poking out bits of card.

Below you can see my attempt at “The Thing under the Stairs”. I found the folding instructions for the stairs a bit vague and took a few failed attempts before it clicked into place. However I think once you’ve done a few, and learned the techniques, you could even try making a few templates of your own.

Do check out Mark’s website Paper Dandy to see more examples of his work including some amazing Star Wars scenes.

Horrorgami is published by Laurence King and is available now. Thanks go to Midas PR for providing a copy for review. If you’d like to find out how I do with the other scenes, follow @patchworkbunny on Instagram. Please link to your photos if you’ve also had a go!

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