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Tag: novella

Science Fiction

Strange Weather

I found Joe Hill’s collection of four novellas rather depressing, and I’m not sure I would have chosen to read them right now if I’d have known that. I’ve been spending time lately curating my social media in a way that I’m not exposed to…


Every Heart a Doorway

Whatever happens after those children come home from their adventures in portal worlds? The trauma of living years in another world, going through puberty even, then being cast back into your earth-bound body, at the same age you left? C.S. Lewis didn’t really address the…


The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist

The Little Homo Sapiens Scientist is a short novella (or long short story) reworking The Little Mermaid with a modern twist. It follows a scientist who studies the atargati, an intelligent species that live in the depths of the ocean. People in general call the…


Down the Rabbit Hole

Read the World: Mexico Down the Rabbit Hole is both a story about a lonely boy who wants a pygmy hippo and a glimpse into the world of a drug lord. Tochtli lives with his father in a secluded and secure palace. His only friends…

Young Adult

…And a Happy New Year?

…And a Happy New Year? is a follow-up special to the Spinster Club trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. It’s the first time since the girls left for college that the Spinster Club has met up and Amber’s throwing…

Science Fiction

The Beauty

The fungus claimed the women. All of them. The men and boys left behind must live their lives with the knowledge they will be the last. Little do they know what lies in the woods, what grows in the graves of their lost loved ones……