…And a Happy New Year? is a follow-up special to the Spinster Club trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books.

It’s the first time since the girls left for college that the Spinster Club has met up and Amber’s throwing a New Year’s Eve party. They’re all looking forward to the countdown to midnight with their boyfriends with them. But distance has put a strain on their friendship and they are all keeping secrets from each other.

Happy endings aren’t forever. I loved how this book showed how the girls’ lives went on after their books and that not everything is perfect. I’m particularly pleased to get this follow-up novella as I wanted to know what happened with Lottie’s Cambridge application.

It also looks at the very real experience of drifting apart from your friends as you grow older. They go away to different cities to study or choose other paths, and it’s often difficult to keep things as they once were. Some people might feel they are being left behind.

Lottie’s not having a great time in London, but as far as her friends are concerned she is, so much so that that they think they’ve lost her to a better life. It’s pretty common for people to put on a happy face and pretend they are doing better than they are, but all it ends up doing is alienating people.

Evie is finding her relationship straining under their combined mental illnesses. She thought Ollie was doing OK but he seems to be relapsing. She still has her bad thoughts and she’s worried that confiding her problems will only result in one answer.

Amber’s also got a secret, but how does she find the right time to tell her friends. Everyone’s fragile and New Year’s Eve is meant to be fun, right?

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