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Month: January 2014


Plague and Cholera

The history of science is often rolled out as a broad avenue leading straight from ignorance to truth, but that is false. The history of science is a network of dead ends in which thought loses its way and ties itself up in knots. An…


Review Copy Cleanup 4.0

Celine and Vicky are hosting their 4th Review Copy Cleanup as a bit of motivation to work through those malingering review books. Sign up here. My main aim is to get my NetGalley feedback ratio to 90%. It’s currently at 78.4% so is a bit…

Young Adult

The Dark Inside

Thirteen-year old Jamie lives with his stepfather after a car crash killed his mother. Escaping to an abandoned house he meets a homeless man who tells him of a dark curse. Not wanting to return home, Jamie flees with the man, determined to find a…

General Fiction, Literary

The Lemon Grove

One hot week in Mallorca. Jenn and Greg’s annual holiday is a time for relaxation and indulgence, but this year, the peace is broken by the arrival of Emma and her boyfriend Nathan. It would be easy to do The Lemon Grove an injustice in…

Crime Fiction, Thriller

Wild Justice

Wild Justice is the final instalment of the Nadia Stafford trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for Exit Strategy and Made to Be Broken. Jack brings Nadia an offering, a file on the man who raped and killed her cousin and got away…

5 Star, Young Adult

She Is Not Invisible

One final time I told myself I wasn’t abducting my little brother. Laureth Peak is heading to New York, with her little brother Benjamin. She borrowed her mum’s credit card to pay for the flights and told Benjamin they’re off to visit their dad. Which…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I bought a Kobo Touch this week as they’re currently only £30 from WH Smith. After hearing this news, my Kindle decided to throw itself off the bedside table and hide under the bed. I’m pretty sure I’ll still use the Kindle,…

Young Adult


Yesterday, Kitty wouldn’t face the consequences of stealing an orange. But today is Kitty’s seventeenth, today she could be killed for that theft. She has just been tested, she is a III. She was hoping for a IV but now her life has been decided…


Autumn Rose

The last sage let a human die. Autumn Rose is now sage and protector at her school, which doesn’t make her popular. When another sage turns up, she is dragged back into a world she would much rather leave behind. I was a little confused…