Celine and Vicky are hosting their 4th Review Copy Cleanup as a bit of motivation to work through those malingering review books. Sign up here.

My main aim is to get my NetGalley feedback ratio to 90%. It’s currently at 78.4% so is a bit of a stretch for February but I can at least aim towards it. There are a few paper review books that I really, really want to get round to too, so I’ll see how it goes.


Week One:

So I gave my blog a bit of a makeover which wasn’t in the plan and has probably resulted in me reading a bit less than I would have. Oh well, it needed doing! I’ve read and reviewed Burn and Roomies this week and started The Seers.

I’m also trying not to request books on NetGalley but there is so much good stuff up there at the moment. I may end up breaking and letting my ratio tumble. But I’d like to clear up my virtual shelves a bit first. Clean slate and all that.

NetGalley Ratio: 81.4%

Week Two:

I read a couple of newer review books this week, which I’m not sure really counts as “cleaning up”. If I manage 3 more NetGalleys this month, I’ll be happy.

NetGalley Ratio: 82.4%

Week Three:

My review reading momentum has slowed right down. Read Attachments which was a personal read (and glad I read it) and The Wicked We Have Done but not yet reviewed.

NetGalley Ratio: 82.4%

Week Four: