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Month: August 2014

Fantasy, Young Adult


Alex was taken out of the Covenant, a strict boarding school for the Hematoi, three years ago by her mother. She has no idea why she left, but she knows if she goes back sheโ€™s sure to face a future…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

This Book is Gay

This Book is Gay is the instruction manual for all those who have ever wondered. Sex education in the UK rarely covers relationships or body issues outside cis heterosexual and this book is something to plug the gap, covering many…

Historical Fiction

Savage Magic

Savage Magic does stand alone as a novel, but if you were intending to read the earlier Horton books, there might be tiny little spoilers in the pages. Abigailโ€™s situation also refers directly to an event at the end of…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Woken Gods

The world after The Awakening is living in a reluctant truce between mankind and the gods. The gods must follow the rules of mysterious Society of the Sun or face execution. Once they knew they were no longer immortal, the…

Fantasy, Short Stories

Vestigial Tales

The Vestigial Tales are a series of short stories by Laura Lam set in the same world as Pantomime. Some feature characters from the novels and others are completely separate. Each story contains an item of Vestige, the mysterious artefacts…

5 Star, Science Fiction

Station Eleven

No one paid much attention to the Georgia Flu at first, thinking it was localised to Russia. Day One, it arrives in Toronto. One week later, civilisation is collapsing. The death rate is estimated at 99%. Year Twenty, a band…

5 Star, Fantasy

Heir of Fire

Heir of Fire is the third book in the Throne of Glass series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. When Chaol sent Ardolanโ€™s Assassin to the land of Wendlyn, it was supposed to protect her….

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I like to think I was pretty good at Nine Worlds and didn’t come home with too many books. Just a couple of freebies (I even gave away one of my goodie bag books). I did buy…

Young Adult

Geek Girl

It takes an interaction of seventy-two different muscles to produce human speech, and right now not a single one of them is working. The last place Harriet wants to be is at Clothes Show Live. She hates fashion and is…