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Month: August 2013

5 Star, Fantasy

The Glass Republic

The Glass Republic is the sequel to The City’s Son and therefore this review may contain spolers for the first book (which you really should read). Pen’s a survivor. Returning to school, she dreads showing her scarred face among her…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday I had a lot on the blog last weekend so I skipped Showcase Sunday (no it wasn’t because I broke my book buying ban). I did make it through to payday which was my aim and didn’t…


How to Survive a Horror Film

Guest post by James Dawson, author of Hollow Pike and Cruel Summer. It’s nearly twenty years since the first Scream film arrived in cinemas. Since then post-modern teens in horror have been dissecting the clichΓ©s of the genre. Cruel Summer…

5 Star, Fantasy

The Bone Season

The year is 2059. Clairvoyance is a crime. Those with the gift have three options; hide their voyance and try to live a normal life, turn themselves in to Scion and join the NVD hunting down their kind or turn…