Em is in a cell, dreading visits from the man she calls the Doctor. Her only comfort is the boy in the cell next door. Marina is living a privileged life, her only worry is if the super intelligent boy-next-door likes her back. But Marina’s life is in the past and today is Em’s world and she has a chance to change things. She can travel back in time and take out the man who changed everything.

All Our Yesterdays is gripping and genuinely unputdownable. I loved making the connections between Em and the past she is trying to change. Whether or not you work any of it out sooner rather than later does not impact on the enjoyment, because you’ll be turning the page to see what happens next…it is never predictable.

I’m glad they put in that they’d already been back and tried other things because as I was reading, I kept thinking of better ideas. It’s a clever way allow the story to run its course. I did want more on the story of how James changed so much; it’s a big jump from the boy who is hurting to who he becomes. Although that may have tripped up the pace a bit…maybe we can have a novella? It’s a mark of how much I got into this book that I want to know all the ins and outs.

It tries to explain away the inevitable paradox…I’m not convinced but you have to read time travel stories with an open mind and I think the way it is resolved actually makes it make sense. And yes it does have a resolution. As I was halfway through it, someone told me there was a sequel and I got really annoyed that the story wouldn’t end in the way it needed to end so it could run on. Never fear, it is not one of those books. It feels like a self-contained story…which also makes me wonder how they’re going to do the sequel.

More YA like this please!

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