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Category: Classics

Classics, Science Fiction

I, Robot

I, Robot is a collection of interconnected stories exploring the Three Laws of Robotics. Anyone with even a passing interest in science fiction or robotics will have heard of Asimov’s laws and they have continued to be influential over 65 years later. The book is…

Classics, Science Fiction

Fahrenheit 451

Guy Montag is a fireman. He doesn’t put out fires, he sets them. In a future America where books are illegal, possession of one means destruction of your home. Burnt to a cinder with the books inside. But one day, Guy takes one of the…

5 Star, Classics, Science Fiction

On the Beach

Over four thousand nuclear bombs have been dropped in the northern hemisphere. In Australia the survivors wait, for news, for hope. But the radiation will reach them eventually. All they can do is carry on living. Why should we have to die because other countries…