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Month: August 2016

Young Adult

The Deviants

They were the Fearless Five; Ella, Max, Fallon, Corey and Zane. But when Max’s sister Jess died, the distance grew between them. Ella and Max are still dating, but she’s starting to feel the pressure to have sex, something that…


A Little Knowledge

A Little Knowledge is the fourth book in Emma Newman‘s Split Worlds series and therefore this review may contains spoilers for the previous books. There’s a pamphlet circulating the fae court teaching the ladies of society certain things about their…

Books In

Illumicrate Unboxing

I’m pretty excited about the latest Illumicrate, I think it’s the best one yet. If yours hasn’t arrived yet, stop now to avoid spoilers! Find out how to subscribe at When I opened the box I immediately thought it…

Young Adult

The Unexpected Everything

Andie’s father is a congressman, well he was until scandal hits and he takes a break for summer. She’s not that concerned until her coveted medical placement is cancelled last minute. Possibly because of the scandal. With all her summer…

Young Adult

Things We Know by Heart

It must’ve must been everything he didn’t want – a connection to his past, and the acknowledgment of a stranger’s death, and the pain of those mourning that death. Quinn’s world is shattered when her boyfriend is killed in an…