Admission, I like Harry Potter but I don’t love it. Back when they were first being published, I devoured the first four books but my interest waned a bit as the books got longer and longer, I seriously wondered if Voldemort had killed off Rowling’s editor as well as some of my favourite characters. I ordered a copy of the Cursed Child mostly out of curiosity, but actually I appreciated its brevity and enjoyed it much more than The Deathly Hallows.

Seeing some of the responses to the script book makes me wonder if they are still teaching Shakespeare in schools. There was a lot of surprise that it was a script, complaints that there was only dialogue and how it’s laid out. It does include some production notes which helps put each scene in context and I think the book presented the play to the best of its abilities.

The production sounds amazing, I am more likely to see the play now than before. Although knowing the amount of work that must be involved makes me doubt we’ll get a tour. I’d still see a cut down version if it came to regional theatres although I imagine you’re not going to get the full London experience.

I’ve seen other complaints that it reads like fan-fiction. Well why can’t the author write fan fiction of her own work? It explores what could have happened if things went differently. How key moments in the books, some of which may have been criticised by fans in the past, shape the rest of the timeline.

I loved grown up Draco. And yes, Harry isn’t perfect. Reality check, people aren’t perfect, ever, and he was never perfect in the novels either.

It is an emotional story that brought tears to my eyes. If you can’t make it to the play, and are capable of reading a script for what it is, then I would recommend grabbing a copy.

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