The Princess of Nova knows she must marry soon, or her magic with overcome her. She makes an illegal love potion intended for her chosen. Unfortunately, she accidentally drinks the potion herself and falls in love…with herself. Oops! With the kingdom under threat, the race is on to find the cure, calling all alchemists to an age old tradition of the Wild Hunt. Winner takes all.

The Potion Diaries was loads of fun. I was happy to see a fairyland world with some technological advancements. However in this world, instead of taking drugs to cure all ills, the people take potions. Once hand crafted by alchemists like the Kemi family, now large corporations make synthetic potions for half the price. Big Pharma exists in this world in the form of companies like ZoroAster, the leaders in synthetic potions.

It’s an underdog story, old craft versus new business models and a reflection of modern society but really adventure is the main ingredient. With a sprinkling of love, of course. Samantha Kemi is our young alchemist, carrying on the once famous family name in their shop which is struggling to survive. The Wild Hunt is her chance to save the business, with both fame and fortune being the reward, as well as saving the Princess of course.

There is also a love interest. It just so happens the boy Samantha has liked from afar for years was around when the Princess was poisoned. He’s also her rival in the hunt, can they possibly remain friends or does he just want to use her for her potion skills?

I loved the different elements of the potion. Each ingredient is rare and the alchemists must go to great length to source them. Their properties reflect the nature of what they came from and there’s a reason love potions have been banned…

So if you want a different kind of fairy story, I highly recommend The Potion Diaries, which is published under the alterntive title of Madly in the US.

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