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Tag: 20 books of summer



The last person to die each year becomes a reaper, helping guide souls to Charon so they can move on. This year, that person is Ash Persaud but she’s not ready to let go. She just wants to see the girl she loves again, despite…

5 Star, Fantasy

Black Water Sister

Returning to Malaysia as an adult, Jess just wants to get a job and help out her parents. But shortly after they move in with her auntie and uncle, Jess starts hearing voices. Well one voice in particular, that of Ah Ma, her dearly departed…

General Fiction

The Other Black Girl

Nella has been the only black girl working at Wagner Books since she started, so when Hazel appears in the cubicle next to her, she is thrilled to have an ally at last. Hazel seems to befriend everyone she meets and fits in immediately. When…

Crime Fiction

Arsenic and Adobo

After breaking up with her boyfriend, Lila Macapagal moves back in with her family in the small town of Shady Palms, her dreams of becoming a pastry chef drifting away. Her Tita Rosie’s restaurant is in financial trouble and she’s been tasked with saving it,…

Crime Fiction, Young Adult

As Good as Dead

As Good as Dead is the third and final book in the A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the the previous books. Pip Fitz-Amobi isn’t sleeping, she can’t stop reliving the shooting, the sound of gunshots,…


This Poison Heart

Briseis has always had a way with plants. They bloom when she’s happy and wilt when she’s sad. Trees reach towards her as she goes by. It’s always been difficult for her, hiding this secret. When she suddenly learns that her birth mother has bequeathed…

Historical Fiction


In 1596, young Judith comes down with a fever and lumps around her neck. Her twin brother Hamnet goes for help, but no one will come. Their mother Agnes is tending her bees, and their father is away in London. In a few short days,…

Crime Fiction

Lock Every Door

Jules has lost her job, boyfriend and apartment when she is offered a job that appears too good to be true. The Bartholomew is the most elusive of all Manhattan’s expensive buildings, and she’s going to get paid to house sit. The rules: no visitors,…