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Month: December 2018

Science Fiction

The Extinction Trials

Earthasia is overpopulated and resources are scarce. The continent of Piloria could hold the answer to feeding everyone but there’s one problem. It’s the home to dinosaurs. The Extinction Trials give the young and healthy a chance to serve their…

New Releases

New Year, New Books

Get your gift vouchers at the ready, here’s a bunch of January releases ready to hop onto your bookshelves! Dates are for UK print editions and links go to Goodreads for further information. 3rd The Curses by Laure Eve Outside…


Non-Fiction Catch-Up

In Miniature Simon Garfield’s latest book examines the world of miniature items, from villages and railways to slave ships and crime scenes. He meets lots of passionate people and talks about miniatures throughout history. I made the mistake of listening…

Science Fiction


What if intelligent alien life was plant-based? The settlers of Pax are ready to create a new life, when they discover the plants of their new home might be less than friendly. The group tried to escape war on Earth,…

Young Adult


Pride transports the well known story of Pride and Prejudice to a Brooklyn neighbourhood overshadowed by the risk of gentrification. Zuri lives in an apartment with her four sisters, across the road from a newly refurbished “mini-mansion”. When the new…


The Light Between Worlds

During an air-raid, three siblings are transported to another world, one with talking deer and an empire intent on destroying the natural world. There they live and help the people of the Woodlands for years. When they return to the…