Earthasia is overpopulated and resources are scarce. The continent of Piloria could hold the answer to feeding everyone but there’s one problem. It’s the home to dinosaurs. The Extinction Trials give the young and healthy a chance to serve their people, to venture to to Piloria and come back with answers.

This is SO MUCH FUN. It is pretty much The Hunger Games with dinosaurs and you can’t take it too seriously, but still, it was fun. It’s full of tropes and is predictable in places but just don’t think too hard. If you like dinosaurs, give it a go.

Stormchaser loves dinosaurs and doesn’t like the government’s mission to rid the world of them. She only enters the trials for something to do at first. On the other hand, Lincoln needs to win to help his family. They desperately need health care and that’s in short supply, along with everything else on Earthasia.

There are some gruesome deaths and I was gripped when they venture into the heart of Piloria. I’m not sure it abides by the most recent thinking regarding dinosaurs (the velociraptors aren’t chicken-like) but it’ll be fine for the Jurassic Park generation.

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